Sunday, November 9, 2014

Facebook Elite Design Team

I haven't had the nerve to try out for a design team up until recently.  So I tried out for Rick St. Dennis's Elite Design Team and actually was chosen for a spot on the Facebook team much to my surprise!    I am over the moon excited about this and for the next six months I will be sharing all sorts of makes and pieces I color from Rick St. Dennis, Mfa's awesome collection.  He covers it all from cute to creepy, shabby to glamorous.  His shops can be found in two places, Etsy where you can download most of the digi files right away and Zibbet where if you are patient he is pretty quick to email them to you.  I prefer Zibbet only because the selection there is much larger and a few of the digis cost a little less.  Here are links for you to peruse his shop.

Hope you enjoy!  I will share one of my latest creations in celebration to winning this spot.  This glamourous gal can be found here:

Rick draws some of the most amazingly clad ladies I have ever seen their gowns are so gorgeous!  Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my joy!