Saturday, September 27, 2014

Beauty through grief

I sit here a little stunned by the day I had today and a bit grief stricken at the loss of a BRCA sister and amazing woman.  She left a legacy through these projects:

The Semper Fi fund
I also found out another friend has been attacked by the nasty "C"  it doesn't even deserve to be spelled out...they know who they are and I love them so much!  
Being the person I am grief and angst (which is probably more common than you think among artists) brings out some creative energy.  I have to pour all of these emotions into something and here is today's creation.  How appropriate a piece when thinking of love and loss is the Phantom of the Opera?  
This image was created by the amazingly talented Rick St. Dennis, Mfa.  Should you want this image to add to your digi collection it can be found here: 
I colored this using copics and added some cuts from one of my favorite paper stacks along with some embellies from my Cricut.  If you'd like more details on those just let me know.  

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