Friday, June 13, 2014

Corinne's girlie swap blog hop

Hello Blogging friends, over at the SimplyB facebook fan page I participated in a crafty swap called Corinne's girlie swap.  We were paired up with a partner and sent some crafting goodness along with a handmade card.  My partner was Rochelle Ayris.  She sent me some amazing goodies and I have the photos to prove it!  I must say great minds think alike also as we sent each other a card using the same awesome Betty Boudoir image.  If you came here from Debbie Miller's blog your hop is close to finished, just a few more hops.  If you came here first then you may want to go back to visit the other lovely blogs to see how they fared as well.  Happy Hopping friends!

Here are the blogs to visit along the hop. :)

1.Betty Roberts

2. Corinne Jones

3. Anita Blake

4. Tanja Charles

5. Jackie Randolph

6.  Melissa Varga

7. Darcy Schroeder

8. Rochelle Ayris

9.  Debbie Miller

10. Helen Smith

11. Jackie Rakoski-Diediker

12. Erin Stephenson

13. Sam Slater

14. Katya Bess


  1. WOW now that's one heck of a loot box! Great card too!

  2. Thanks, she's pretty amazing! :)