Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boudoir Betty Collection

Hello my blogging friends today's special post is for the Betty's Boudoir Series 1 challenge here at:
 in the SimplyB Facebook fan page.  This is a fun group to belong to where you can share your artwork from website.  Just copy and past the link to be taken there.  This was such a fun collection to color and make cards with.  I did some airbrushing for several of the backgrounds and tried to tie in a color theme as I created each card with the image I colored.  I used copics with a wide variety of colors and skin combination colors.  Please let me know if you would like me to share my recipes and let me know which image or if you want all of them. All of these images are from the Betty Boudoir Series 1 collection.  The first card  is All Polished Up Betty she's polishing those nails, but I thought the color splats would be a fun way to showcase this cute little gal.  The second creation is Bubble Bath Betty enjoying her luxurious candle light bubble bath.  The third card is Morning Mess Betty, I tried to make the sentiment look like it had coffee stains similar to the background paper I chose.  The fourth card is Perfume Betty giving herself a spritz of her favorite scent, if you look closely I added a little shimmer spray from her perfume bottle.  The fifth card is Powder Puff Betty, what color says pamper me better than purple? :)  The sixth and final card in this series is Shoe Obsession Betty, I gave her some fishnet stockings to add some pizzazz to her legs.  I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather this weekend!  Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.